International Corporate Governance

  title={International Corporate Governance},
  author={Diane K. Denis and John Mcconnell},
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Abstract We survey two generations of research on corporate governance systems around the world, concentrating on countries other than the U.S. The first generation of international corporate governance research is patterned after the U.S. research that precedes it. These studies examine individual governance mechanisms—particularly board composition and equity ownership—in individual countries. The second generation of international corporate governance research considers the possible impact… 
Board of directors specificities in the context of Portuguese corporate governance and corporate law
The corporate governance is a mechanism to protect investors in the markets around the world. This study analyses the board of directors’ specificities in the context of Portuguese Corporate
Chapter 30 Corporate Governance, Competition, and Corporate Performance: A Comparative Analysis of the Muslim World with Rest of the World
  • M. Qureshi, Tanveer Ahsan
  • Business, Economics
    Research in Corporate and Shari’ah Governance in the Muslim World: Theory and Practice
  • 2019
This chapter uses panel data techniques to analyze the impact of corporate governance and competition on performance of the firms operating in Muslim and non-Muslim economies. Also analyzed the
Summarizing Articles about Governance and Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility has advanced toward getting to be industry in its own one of a kind right. Studies have seemed corporate social commitment practices lead to increasingly critical
Evolution of German corporate governance (1995-2014): an empirical analysis
Purpose This paper aims to address the evolution of corporate governance in Germany with a particular regard to whether there can be observed a gradual convergence to a shareholder primacy corporate
Who dictates corporate governance practices in Turkey? The role of ownership structure for XKURY companies
ABSTRACT This paper investigates the influence of ownership structure on corporate governance practices of Turkish companies listed in Borsa Istanbul Corporate Governance Index (XKURY). It proposes a
Corporate Governance, Political Connections and Firm Performance: The Role of Political Regimes and Size
AbstractThis article empirically examines the relationship between corporate governance and firm financial performance, and the interplay of political connections of 150 non-financial listed Pakist...
State Ownership and Corporate Cash Holdings
Using a unique sample of newly privatized firms from 59 countries, this article provides new evidence about the agency costs of state ownership and new insight into the corporate governance role of
Corporate governance: what we know and what we don’t know
  • J. Elston
  • Economics
    Journal of Industrial and Business Economics
  • 2019
AbstractThe corporate governance literature provides a rich framework for examining the theoretical models and related mechanisms by which a firm is operated and controlled, but there are a number of
Foreign investors? The effects of the property structure and legal system as mechanisms of corporate governance in Brazilian regulated companies
Purpose This paper aims to contribute to research on corporate governance in regulated sectors, with emphasis in the field of activity of foreign investors through the ownership structure and legal
Transplantation of Anglo-American corporate governance and its impact on financial market growth: a comparative analysis of nineteen developing countries 1995-2014
  • N. Samanta
  • Economics, Business
    Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society
  • 2019
Purpose Since the late 1990s, developing countries have been encouraged by international financial organisations to adopt a shareholder primacy corporate governance model. It was anticipated that in


Twenty-five years of corporate governance research … and counting
Is Corporate Governance Ineffective in Emerging Markets?
  • Michael S. Gibson
  • Business, Economics
    Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
  • 2003
Abstract I test whether corporate governance is ineffective in emerging markets by estimating the link between CEO turnover and firm performance for over 1,200 firms in eight emerging markets. I find
Large Shareholder Activism in Corporate Governance in Developing Countries: Evidence from India
This paper provides evidence on the role of large shareholders in monitoring company value from a developing country, India, whose corporate governance system is a hybrid of the
Investor Protection and Corporate Governance
Recent research has documented large differences among countries in ownership concentration in publicly traded firms, in the breadth and depth of capital markets, in dividend policies, and in the
Capital Market Development, International Integration, Legal Systems, and the Value of Corporate Diversification: A Cross-Country Analysis
Abstract Using a database of more than 8,000 companies from 35 countries, we find that the value of corporate diversification is related to the level of capital market development, international
The Governance of the New Enterprise
The changing nature of the corporation forces us to re-examine much of what we take for granted in corporate governance. What precisely is the entity that is being governed? How does the governance
Corporate Governance, Investor Protection and Performance in Emerging Markets
Recent research studying the link between law, and finance has concentrated on country-level investor protection measures, and focused on differences in legal systems across countries, and legal
The Structure of Corporate Ownership in Japan
The author examines the structure of corporate ownership in a sample of Japanese firms in the mid 1980s. Ownership is highly concentrated in Japan, with financial institutions by far the most