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International Affective Picture System (IAPS) : Technical Manual and Affective Ratings

  title={International Affective Picture System (IAPS) : Technical Manual and Affective Ratings},
  author={Peter J. Lang},
The International Affective Picture System (IAPS) is being developed to provide a set of normative emotional stimuli for experimental investigations of emotion and attention. The goal is to develop a large set of standardized, emotionally-evocative, internationally accessible, color photographs that includes contents across a wide range of semantic categories. The IAPS (pronounced EYE-APS), along with the International Affective Digitized Sound system (IADS), the Affective Lexicon of English… 

Multidimensional normative ratings for the International Affective Picture System

The present ratings should allow investigators to use the International Affective Picture System norms for research purposes, especially in research dealing with the interrelationships among emotion and cognition.

Adaptation of the International Affective Picture System (IAPS) for European Portuguese

Results showed that the normative values of the IAPS for EP are properly distributed in the affective space of valence and arousal, showing the typical boomerang-shaped distribution observed in previous studies.

Emotional category data on images from the international affective picture system

Describing emotional category data on subsets of the IAPS reveals multiple emotional categories for the images and indicates that this image set has great potential in the investigation of discrete emotions.

Creation of sets of associated emotionally-evocative pictures using the International Affective Picture System

Introduction: The way in which emotional stimuli are processed and relate with cognition has many implications in the mental health fi eld. As a result, there is a need for effective instruments that

The Affective Slider: A Digital Self-Assessment Scale for the Measurement of Human Emotions

The results demonstrate that legacy scales for the self-report of affect can be replaced with new measurement tools developed in accordance to modern design principles, but also that standardized sets of stimuli are not as effective as they were in the past due to a general desensitization towards highly arousing content.

A Bottom-Up Validation of the IAPS, GAPED, and NAPS Affective Picture Databases: Differential Effects on Behavioral Performance

An additional bottom-up validation of affective stimuli that are independent from cognitive processing and control mechanisms, related to the implicit relevance and evolutionistic significance of stimuli are provided.

Adaptación española del "International Affective Picture System" (IAPS). Tercera parte

Title: Spanish adaptation of the "International Affective Picture System" (IAPS). Third part. Abstract: The Spanish norms for pictures in shows 15 to 20 of the Interna- tional Affective Picture

Affective auditory stimuli: Adaptation of the International Affective Digitized Sounds (IADS-2) for European Portuguese

The results indicated that the IADS-2 is a valid and useful database of digitized sounds for the study of emotions in a Portuguese context, allowing for comparisons of its results with those of other international studies that have used the same database for stimulus selection.

Reaction time normative data for the IAPS as a function of display time, gender, and picture content

The present data provide researchers investigating cognition/emotion relationships with an objective criterion to select pictorial stimuli on the basis of reaction time (RT) normative data for 308 selected photographs.