Internal mammary vessels: anatomical and clinical considerations.

  title={Internal mammary vessels: anatomical and clinical considerations.},
  author={L. Hefel and A. Univ.-Prof. Dr. A. H. Schwabegger and Milomir M Ninkovic and Gottfried Wechselberger and Bernhard Moriggl and Peter Waldenberger and Hans Anderl},
  journal={British journal of plastic surgery},
  volume={48 8},
This study was designed to investigate the anatomy of the internal mammary (thoracic) artery (IMA) and comitant vein(s) (IMV) relevant to their use in microsurgery. We dissected the internal mammary (thoracic) vessels bilaterally in 86 cadavers from the clavicle down to the 6th rib. At the level of the 4th rib, the distance between the sternum and the IMA was large enough [range 10.0-23.6 mm] and the diameter of the IMA [range 0.99-2.55 mm] and comitant vein(s) [range 0.64-4.45 mm] wide enough… CONTINUE READING


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