Internal-combustion engineering

  title={Internal-combustion engineering},
  author={A. T. J. Kersey},
A Review of Engine’s Performance When Supercharging by a Pressure Wave Supercharger
Improving the performance of internal combustion engines (ICE), together with lowering emissions, are the main targets for specialists in the automotive field. One option for increasing engine
A Study on the Effect of Cycle Variation on Scavenging pressure in 2-Stroke Diesel Engine
Recently it has been focused that the automobile engine has developed in a strong upward tendency for the use of the high viscosity and poorer quality fuels in achieving the high performance, fuel
Analiza utjecaja višestrukog ubrizgavanja na procese i produkte izgaranja u sporookretnom brodskom dizelskom motoru : doktorski rad
U radu je opisan nuldimenzionalni matematicki model za simulaciju radnog procesa sporookretnog dvotaktnog brodskog dizelskog motora, na osnovu koje
Fully Flexible Electromagnetic Valve Actuator: Design, Modeling, and Measurements
Design, modeling, and measurements are discussed for a new direct-drive, electromagnetic valve actuator (EVA) for internal combustion engines. The actuator offers greater dynamic performance than
The Victoria University of Manchester’s contributions to the development of aeronautics
This issue of the Aeronautical Journal celebrates the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Honours Degree Course in Aeronautical Engineering at the Victoria University of Manchester. The
A high speed flow visualization study of fuel spray pattern effect on mixture formation in a low pressure direct injection gasoline engine
In developing a direct injection gasoline engine, the incylinder fuel air mixing is key to good performance and emissions. High speed visualization in an optically accessible single cylinder engine
Design and development of eco-friendly alcohol engine fitted with waste heat recovery system
The present paper discusses the design and development of an eco-friendly alcohol engine fitted with the waste heat recovery system as a remedial alternative to the existing commonly used internal