Internal Gravity Waves in the Shallow Seas

  title={Internal Gravity Waves in the Shallow Seas},
  author={Stanisław R. Massel},
  journal={Internal Gravity Waves in the Shallow Seas},

On the nonlinear internal waves propagating in an inhomogeneous shallow sea

Um Método Integral de Contorno para a Modelagem da Propagação de Ondas Internas em um Sistema de Dois Fluidos

Este trabalho tem como objetivo utilizar a formulacao integral de contorno na construcao de um metodo numerico para modelar a propagacao de ondas internas na interface entre dois fluidos.

Spatial Distribution of Energy of Subinertial Baroclinic Motions in the Baltic Sea

We explore the basic properties of the “climate” of the field of subinertial motions with periods of 2–12 days in the Baltic Sea. The calculations are performed using the output of the Rossby Center

Internal Gravity Waves in Horizontally Inhomogeneous Ocean

The paper is devoted to the research of the processes of generation and propagation of internal gravity waves in the vertically stratified horizontally non-uniform ocean based on the development of

Mesopelagic flesh shear viscosity estimation from in situ broadband backscattering measurements by a viscous–elastic model inversion

In fisheries acoustics, target strength (TS) is a key parameter in converting acoustic measurements to biological information such as biomass. Modelling is a versatile tool to estimate TS of marine

A Non-destructive Method to Create a Time Series of Surface Area for Coral Using 3D Photogrammetry

The wax dip method typically used to determine the surface area of corals for data normalization is destructive, rendering the collection of time series for such data impossible. With recent

On spontaneous appearance of internal waves in an open-pool-type research reactor

Variation of temperature in time and space was recorded at multiple vertical locations in the course of initiation of a heated water layer in an open-pool research reactor of the Soreq Nuclear

Mesoscale-dependent near-inertial internal waves and microscale turbulence in the Tsushima Warm Current

This study examined characteristics of near-inertial internal waves (NIWs) associated with the background mesoscale field near the Tsushima Warm Current. Observational stations off Sado Island were