Intermittent loading of teeth restored using prefabricated carbon fiber posts.

  title={Intermittent loading of teeth restored using prefabricated carbon fiber posts.},
  author={Flemming Isidor and Per Odman and K Br\ondum},
  journal={The International journal of prosthodontics},
  volume={9 2},
This in vivo study evaluated the fracture resistance of bovine teeth with prefabricated carbon fiber posts. Fourteen bovine teeth having similar lengths and dimensions were mounted in an acrylic resin block having a simulated periodontal ligament. The post space was prepared using two calibrated drills that provided an 8.5-mm post length. The prefabricated carbon fiber post was luted with a resin luting agent, and the core was made using the system's autopolymerizing resin core material. A… CONTINUE READING
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