Intermittent hypoxia augments acute hypoxic sensing via HIF-mediated ROS.

  title={Intermittent hypoxia augments acute hypoxic sensing via HIF-mediated ROS.},
  author={Nanduri R Prabhakar and Ganesh K. Kumar and Jayasri Nanduri},
  journal={Respiratory physiology & neurobiology},
  volume={174 3},
Carotid bodies and neonatal adrenal medullary chromaffin cells (AMC) respond rapidly to acute hypoxia before compromising cellular functions. Responses to acute hypoxia are dynamically altered by chronic perturbations in arterial blood O2 levels resulting from breathing disorders. Sleep disordered breathing with recurrent apneas cause periodic decreases in arterial blood O2 or intermittent hypoxia (IH). Recent studies suggest that reactive oxygen species (ROS) mediate cellular adaptations to… CONTINUE READING


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