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Intermittent excitation of parametric instabilities enhanced by synergistic effect in broadband laser plasma interaction

  title={Intermittent excitation of parametric instabilities enhanced by synergistic effect in broadband laser plasma interaction},
  author={Qingkang Liu and Enhao Zhang and Wen-shuai Zhang and Hongbo Cai and Yanqi Gao and Shao-ping Zhu},
A new evolution pattern for parametric instabilities in the non-linear stage driven by a broadband laser is studied with kinetic particle-in-cell simulations. It is found that an intermittent excitation of parametric instabilities caused by the high-intensity pulses, which are generated by the laser intensity variation of the broadband laser. The synergism between these high-intensity pulses reduces the Landau damping through the co-propagation of the electron-plasma waves and hot electrons… 

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