Intermediates in adenovirus assembly.

  title={Intermediates in adenovirus assembly.},
  author={B Edvardsson and Einar Everitt and Hans J{\"o}rnvall and L V Prage and L. Philipson},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={19 2},
Three intermediates in adenovirus assembly have been defined; nuclear intermediates, young virions, and mature virions. The nuclear intermediates are fragile and heterogenous in size (550S-670S) and withstand separation on ficoll gradients but fall apart upon CsCl gradient centrifugation unless prefixed with glutaraldehyde. They contain both capsid and core structures, and the core structures are preferentially released during purification in CsCl. The precursor polypeptides pVI and pVII are… CONTINUE READING