[Intermediate uveitis in clinical practice].


OBJECTIVE Evaluation of experience with the diagnosis and treatment of intermediate uveitis in the Czech population. METHODS The retrospective study summarizes the results assembled in 21 patients (37 eyes) investigated at the First Ophthalmological Clinic in 1988-1995. RESULTS A diffuse type of inflammation was revealed in 15 patients (26 eyes), exsudative type in 6 patients (11 eyes). In three patients the inflammation did not call for treatment. Long-term remission was achieved in 3 patients by periocular injections of steroids, in 11 patients by systemic Prednisone treatment, in 4 patients by combined immunosuppression. In one patient cryotherapy was performed, in two patients PPV. In 31 eyes (84%) vision was the end of the observation period 6/12 better. CONCLUSION From the results of the investigation ensues that intermediate uveitis occurs in our geographical zone more frequently in younger age groups and is manifested as a rule by a milder, diffuse type of inflammation. The prerequisite of successful patient care is early diagnosis and correct indication of treatment.

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