Intermediate uveitis in a pediatric Italian population.

  title={Intermediate uveitis in a pediatric Italian population.},
  author={Maria Pia Paroli and Giovanni Spinucci and Rita Monte and Francesca Pesci and Irene Abicca and Paola Pivetti Pezzi},
  journal={Ocular immunology and inflammation},
  volume={19 5},
PURPOSE To investigate clinical data, outcome, and treatment of intermediate uveitis in children. METHODS Retrospective cohort study, including 116 children affected by intermediate uveitis. RESULTS Sixty-two percent of patients were males. Ocular involvement was bilateral in 84%. Mean age at uveitis onset was 10.3 ± 3.6 years and 12.2 ± 7 years at first visit. Ninety-seven percent were classified as having idiopathic uveitis. The incidence of ocular complications during follow-up was 0.131… CONTINUE READING

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