Intermediate dimensions

  title={Intermediate dimensions},
  author={Kenneth J. Falconer and Jonathan M. Fraser and Tom Kempton},
  journal={Mathematische Zeitschrift},
We introduce a continuum of dimensions which are ‘intermediate’ between the familiar Hausdorff and box dimensions. This is done by restricting the families of allowable covers in the definition of Hausdorff dimension by insisting that $$|U| \le |V|^\theta $$ | U | ≤ | V | θ for all sets U ,  V used in a particular cover, where $$\theta \in [0,1]$$ θ ∈ [ 0 , 1 ] is a parameter. Thus, when $$\theta =1$$ θ = 1 only covers using sets of the same size are allowable, and we recover the box dimensions… 

Generalised intermediate dimensions

We introduce a family of dimensions, which we call the $\Phi$-intermediate dimensions, that lie between the Hausdorff and box dimensions and generalise the intermediate dimensions introduced by

On the intermediate dimensions of Bedford-McMullen carpets

The intermediate dimensions of a set $\Lambda$, elsewhere denoted by $\dim_{\theta}\Lambda$, interpolates between its Hausdorff and box dimensions using the parameter $\theta\in[0,1]$. Determining a

Intermediate dimensions of Bedford-McMullen carpets with applications to Lipschitz equivalence

Intermediate dimensions were recently introduced to provide a spectrum of dimensions interpolating between Hausdorff and box-counting dimensions for fractals where these differ. In particular, the

Dimensions of popcorn-like pyramid sets

This article concerns the dimension theory of the graphs of a family of functions which include the well-known 'popcorn function' and its pyramid-like higher-dimensional analogues. We calculate the

Interpolating Between Dimensions

  • J. Fraser
  • Computer Science
    Fractal Geometry and Stochastics VI
  • 2021
A new approach in dimension theory is surveyed, which seeks to unify the study of individual dimensions by viewing them as different facets of the same object.

Attainable forms of intermediate dimensions

The intermediate dimensions are a family of dimensions which interpolate between the Hausdorff and box dimensions of sets. We prove a necessary and sufficient condition for a given function

Dimensions of Fractional Brownian Images

  • S. Burrell
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Theoretical Probability
  • 2021
This paper concerns the intermediate dimensions, a spectrum of dimensions that interpolate between the Hausdorff and box dimensions. Potential-theoretic methods are used to produce dimension bounds

Intermediate Dimensions: A Survey

This article surveys the $\theta$-intermediate dimensions that were introduced recently which provide a parameterised continuum of dimensions that run from Hausdorff dimension when $\theta=0$ to

Box-counting measure of metric spaces

. In this paper, we introduce a new notion called the box-counting measure of a metric space. We show that for a doubling metric space, an Ahlfors regular measure is always a box-counting measure;

Assouad type dimensions of infinitely generated self-conformal sets

. We study the dimension theory of limit sets of iterated function systems consisting of a countably infinite number of conformal contractions. Our focus is on the Assouad type dimensions, which give



Dimensions, embeddings, and attractors

This accessible research monograph investigates how 'finite-dimensional' sets can be embedded into finite-dimensional Euclidean spaces. The first part brings together a number of abstract embedding

The self-affine carpets of McMullen and Bedford have infinite Hausdorff measure

  • Y. Peres
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 1994
Abstract We show that the self-affine sets considered by McMullen in [11] and by Bedford in [1] have infinite Hausdorff measure in their dimension, except in the (rare) cases where the Hausdorff

Geometry of Sets and Measures in Euclidean Spaces: Fractals and Rectifiability

Acknowledgements Basic notation Introduction 1. General measure theory 2. Covering and differentiation 3. Invariant measures 4. Hausdorff measures and dimension 5. Other measures and dimensions 6.

An estimate on the parabolic fractal dimension of the singular set for solutions of the Navier-Stokes system

We estimate the parabolic fractal (or parabolic box-counting) dimension of the singular set for suitable weak solutions of the Navier–Stokes equations in a bounded domain D. We prove that the

Dimensions of Self-affine Sets: A Survey

Self-affine sets may be expressed as unions of reduced scale affine copies of themselves. We survey general and specific constructions of self-affine sets and in particular the problem of finding or

Fractal geometry

Editor's note: The following articles by Steven G. Krantz and Benoit B. Mandelbrot have an unusual history. In the fall of 1988, Krantz asked the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society Book

The Hausdorff dimension of general Sierpiński carpets

In this note we determine the Hausdorff dimension of a family of planar sets which are generalizations of the classical Cantor set.

Fractal geometry - mathematical foundations and applications

Applications and examples: fractals defined by transformations examples from number theory graphs of functions examples from pure mathematics dynamical systems iteration of complex functions-Julia sets random fractals Brownian motion and Brownian surfaces multifractal measures physical applications.

Assouad dimension of self-affine carpets

We calculate the Assouad dimension of the self-affine carpets of Bedford and McMullen, and of Lalley and Gatzouras. We also calculate the conformal Assouad dimension of those carpets that are not