Intermediate and deep layers of the macaque superior colliculus: a Golgi study.

  title={Intermediate and deep layers of the macaque superior colliculus: a Golgi study.},
  author={Terence P Ma and Hui Wen Cheng and Joerg Czech and Jos{\'e} A. Rafols},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={295 1},
We studied the intermediate and deep layers of the macaque superior colliculus by means of the Golgi technique in an attempt to better understand the structural features of this important oculomotor center. For this study, we examined the optic (stratum opticum, SO), intermediate gray (stratum griseum intermedium, SGI), intermediate white (stratum album intermedium, SAI), and deep gray (stratum griseum profundum, SGP) layers. These are the four layers in which neurons having saccade-related… CONTINUE READING


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