Intermediate Quantum Mechanics

  title={Intermediate Quantum Mechanics},
  author={Roman Jackiw},
Theory Of Atomic Structure * Miscellaneous Results From Elementary Quantum Mechanics * Identical Particles and Symmetry * Two-Electron Atoms * Self-Consistent Field * Statistical Models * Addition of Angular Momenta * Theory of Multiplets, Electrostatic Interaction * Theory of Multiplets, Spin-Orbit Interaction, and Interactions with External Fields * Molecules Semiclassical Radiation Theory * Semiclassical Theory of Radiation * Intensity of Radiation, Selection Rules * Photoelectric Effect… 

Boson Wave Equations

The dynamical quantum-mechanical wave equations of spin-0 pions, spin-1 vector particles, and massless spin-1 photons are formulated in a consistent one-particle fashion. For the spin-0 Klein-Gordon

Lectures on Quantum Mechanics (nonlinear PDE point of view)

We expose the Schrodinger quantum mechanics with traditional applications to Hydrogen atom: the calculation of the Hydrogen atom spectrum via Schrodinger, Pauli and Dirac equations, the Heisen- berg

Relativistic particle incoherent scattering by the nuclei of crystal plane atoms

A consistent theory, which describes the incoherent scattering of classically moving relativistic particles by the nuclei of crystal planes without any phenomenological parameter is presented. The

Incoherent ultrarelativistic channeling particle scattering by electrons

  • V. Tikhomirov
  • Physics
    Journal of the Belarusian State University. Physics
  • 2021
The problem of high-energy charged particle motion in the field of atomic strings and planes of oriented crystals, widely applied to control large accelerator beams and generate intense gamma

Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics: For Solid State Electronics and Optics

Preface 1. Classical mechanics vs. quantum mechanics 2. Basic postulates and mathematical tools 3. Wave/particle duality and de Borglie waves 4. Particles at boundaries, potential steps, barriers and

Theory of Inelastic Atom-Atom Collisions

The understanding of the inelastic scattering of atoms and ions requires a reliable theory of the motion of nuclei and electrons interacting via Coulomb forces under conditions where the

Multi-photon exchange processes in ultraperiphe relativistic heavy-ion collisions

The very strong electromagnetic fields present in ultraperipheral relativistic heavy-ion coll lead to important higher-order effects of the electromagnetic interaction. These multi-p exchange

Nonlinear Quantum Field Theory