Intermarriage : interfaith, interracial, interethnic

  title={Intermarriage : interfaith, interracial, interethnic},
  author={Albert Isaac Gordon},
  journal={Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion},
  • A. I. Gordon
  • Published 23 January 1964
  • Sociology
  • Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

Questioning the revival : white ethnicities in the racial pentagon

This thesis embodies a comprehensive analysis of the assimilation of Southern and Eastern European immigrant groups in the United States. Despite being considered racially distinct upon arrival en

Assimilation and birth outcomes of Hispanics in the US]Mariages mixtes et issue des grossesses des Hispaniques aux États Unis

The flip-side of the paradox is that the immigrant health advantage erodes with time spent in the US, and while immigrants start climbing the socio-economic ladder, their health tends to deteriorate.

Voices of Young Women in Interfaith Marriages

This qualitative study captures the experiences of young women in an interfaith marriage, in a social context where ethnic/religious identity is not contested or threatened. In-depth interviews


The thesis is explored that young people are socialized into two contradictory philosophies of mate selection: a religious philosophy that is expressed in published statements of official bodies of

The Conflict of Authenticities in Intermarriage and Conversion

Throughout the last century, communal and rabbinical leaders from all Jewish denominations and organizations have discussed and debated the “problem” of intermarriage. While intermarriage can, and

“What Are You?”: Racial Ambiguity, Stigma, and the Racial Formation Project

Using interview data from individuals who were frequently asked some version of the question “What are you?” in regards to their race, we apply a deviance perspective to frame these encounters as

Post-Colonial Immigrants and Identity Formations in the Netherlands

  • U. Bosma
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 2012
Dit boek schetst een uniek beeld van de immigranten die tussen 1945 en 1980 vanuit de voormalige kolonien naar Nederland kwamen. De migranten hadden voor hun komst allemaal een bijzondere relatie met

The Well-Being of Children Living With Interethnic Parents

Compared with children in same-ethnic families, children living with interethnic parents exhibited higher levels of negative affect, and this difference could not be explained by differences in background or family characteristics, levels of parents’ relationship stressors, or parenting quality.

The Creolisation of London Kinship: Mixed African-Caribbean and White British Extended Families, 1950-2003

In de afgelopen vijftig jaar heeft het Verenigd Koninkrijk een aanzienlijke groei meegemaakt van gemengde gezinnen met een Afro-Caribische en blanke achtergrond. The Creolisation of London Kinship