Interlocked fabric and laminated fabric Kevlar 49/epoxy composites

  title={Interlocked fabric and laminated fabric Kevlar 49/epoxy composites},
  author={Tommy R. Guess and E. D. Jr. Reedy},
  • Tommy R. Guess, E. D. Jr. Reedy
  • Published 1986
  • Materials Science
  • The mechanical behavior of a novel interlocked fabric reinforced Kevlar 49/epoxy composite has been measured and compared to those of a laminated Kevlar 49 fabric composite (which served as a reference material). Both composites were 5.0 mm thick, contained the same 50% in-plane fiber volume fraction and were fabricated in a similar manner using the same Dow DER 332 epoxy, Jeffamine T403-hardened resin system. The reference material (Material 1) was reinforced with seven plies of Dupont style… CONTINUE READING

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