Interleukin-8 in the human fallopian tube.

  title={Interleukin-8 in the human fallopian tube.},
  author={Steven F. Palter and Naciye Mulayim and Levent Mehmet Senturk and Aydin Arici},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
  volume={86 6},
The human fallopian tube is a dynamic structure that undergoes cyclic variation in its functional epithelium. This epithelium contains both secretory and ciliated cells. The mechanisms regulating the growth and function of the tubal epithelium are not fully understood. Interleukin-8 (IL-8) is one potential local regulatory factor. We therefore characterized the IL-8 system, which includes IL-8, its receptors A and B, and its degradative enzyme aminopeptidase N, in the human fallopian tube by… CONTINUE READING

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