Interleukin-8 in otitis media with effusion.

  title={Interleukin-8 in otitis media with effusion.},
  author={Muneki Hotomi and Takao Samukawa and Noboru Yamanaka},
  journal={Acta oto-laryngologica},
  volume={114 4},
Interleukin-8 induces chemotaxis of neutrophils, basophils and T-lymphocytes, releases intracellular enzymes from neutrophils and histamine from basophils, and regulates the adhesion of neutrophils. In this study, using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, we evaluated 33 middle ear effusions (MEEs) for levels of IL-8. The mean level of IL-8 in MEEs from children with OME was 616.7 +/- 211.0 pg/mgTP, while that of adults was 197.4 +/- 66.7 pg/mgTP. With respect to MEE types, the mean level of… CONTINUE READING

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