Interleukin-33 stimulates formation of functional osteoclasts from human CD14+ monocytes

  title={Interleukin-33 stimulates formation of functional osteoclasts from human CD14+ monocytes},
  author={S. H. Mun and N. Y. Ko and H. Kim and J. W. Kim and D. Kim and A. Kim and Seung Hyun Lee and Y. Kim and C. Lee and S. Lee and B. K. Kim and M. Beaven and W. Choi},
  journal={Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences},
  • S. H. Mun, N. Y. Ko, +11 authors W. Choi
  • Published 2010
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences
  • Interleukin (IL)-33 is a recently described pro-inflammatory cytokine. Here we demonstrate IL-33 as a regulator of functional osteoclasts (OCs) from human CD14+ monocytes. IL-33 stimulates formation of tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP)+ multinuclear OCs from monocytes. This action was suppressed by anti-ST2 antibody, suggesting that IL-33 acts through its receptor ST2, but not by the receptor activator of NF-κB ligand (RANKL) decoy, osteoprotegerin, or anti-RANKL antibody. IL-33… CONTINUE READING
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