Interleukin-33-dependent innate lymphoid cells mediate hepatic fibrosis.

  title={Interleukin-33-dependent innate lymphoid cells mediate hepatic fibrosis.},
  author={Tamar Mchedlidze and Maximilian Waldner and Steffen Zopf and Jennifer Walker and Andrew L. Rankin and Marcus Schuchmann and David Voehringer and Andrew N. J. McKenzie and Markus F Neurath and Stefan Pflanz and Stefan Wirtz},
  volume={39 2},
Liver fibrosis is a consequence of chronic liver diseases and thus a major cause of mortality and morbidity. Clinical evidence and animal studies suggest that local tissue homeostasis is disturbed due to immunological responses to chronic hepatocellular stress. Poorly defined stress-associated inflammatory networks are thought to mediate gradual… CONTINUE READING