Interleukin 32, inflammation and cancer

  title={Interleukin 32, inflammation and cancer},
  author={Jin Tae Hong and Dong Ju Son and Chong Kil Lee and Do-Young Yoon and Dong Hun Lee and Mi hee Park},
  journal={Pharmacology \& Therapeutics},
  • J. Hong, D. Son, M. Park
  • Published 1 June 2017
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics

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Interleukin 22 in Liver Injury, Inflammation and Cancer
Treatment with IL-22 activates hepatic signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3), ameliorates hepatic oxidative stress and alcoholic fatty liver, effectively alleviate the liver damage caused by alcohol and toxicant.
Insights into the role of IL-32 in cancer.
Role of interleukin ‐ 32 in cancer biology ( Review )
This is a review of the current literature on the regulation and function of IL‐ 32 in cancer progression, focusing on the molecular pathways linking IL‐32 and tumour development.
Interleukin-32: its role in asthma and potential as a therapeutic agent
Recent advances in the pathophysiology of asthma are summarized and the possibilities of using IL-32 as an airway inflammation biomarker and an asthma therapeutic agent are evaluated.
Dendritic Cell–Derived IL-32α: A Novel Inhibitory Cytokine of NK Cell Function
It is found that IL-15 is a potent inducer of IL-32α in DCs and the findings suggest a feedback inhibition ofIL-15–mediated NK cell activity by IL- 32α.
Interleukin-32θ inhibits tumor-promoting effects of macrophage-secreted CCL18 in breast cancer
The findings demonstrate a novel role of IL-32θ as an intracellular modulator to suppress macrophage-promoted breast cancer progression by targeting CCL18-dependent signaling.
A Paradoxical Effect of Interleukin-32 Isoforms on Cancer
The paradoxical effect of IL-32 on cancer is attributed to the dominant isoform, cancer type, tumor microenvironment, and genetic background and investigating multiple IL- 32 isoforms could bring us closer to using them in therapy.
Interplay between thyroid cancer cells and macrophages: effects on IL-32 mediated cell death and thyroid cancer cell migration
It is found that TC-induced macrophages induced IL-32 expression in TC cells and that TAM-derived TNFα was the main inducer of IL- 32β expression inTC cells, which may be beneficial for TC cell survival through induction of the pro-survival cytokine IL-8.
Elevated Gene Expression of Interleukin-32 Isoforms Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta in the Peripheral Blood of Chronic Psoriatic Patients
This is the first study that shows the role of IL-32 and its isoforms in the peripheral blood of psoriatic patients and suggests that a major proinflammatory response ofIL-32 may derive from IL- 32α isoform in psoriasis.
Protein Expression and Genetic Variation of IL32 and Association with Colorectal Cancer in Swedish Patients.
The results suggest that altered IL32 protein concentrations in CRC tissue and genotypic variants of IL32 are related to disseminated CRC.


Identification of the most active interleukin‐32 isoform
A specific target will be provided to neutralize endogenous IL‐32, which may contribute to basic and clinical immunology and to produce recombinant protein with a high yield.
IL‐32 up‐regulation is associated with inflammatory cytokine production in allergic rhinitis
In nasal mucosa tissue from AR patients, the level of IL‐32 production correlated with inflammation, IL‐1β,IL‐18, and granulocyte‐macrophage colony‐stimulating factor (GM‐CSF) and depletion of IL-32 prevents the production of inflammatory cytokines in eosinophils.
Interleukin-32β Propagates Vascular Inflammation and Exacerbates Sepsis in a Mouse Model
The results reveal an important function of IL-32 in vascular inflammation and sepsis development, demonstrated by significant elevation of leukocyte infiltration and serum levels of TNFα and IL-1β, increased vascular permeability and lung damage, and accelerated animal death.
Interactions between IL-32 and tumor necrosis factor alpha contribute to the exacerbation of immune-inflammatory diseases
It is concluded that IL-32 is closely associated with TNF α, and contributes to the exacerbation of TNFα-related inflammatory arthritis and colitis.
Interleukin‐32: A new proinflammatory cytokine involved in hepatitis C virus‐related liver inflammation and fibrosis
IL‐32 is a novel proinflammatory cytokine involved in HCV‐associated liver inflammation/fibrosis and its expression is regulated by proinflammatory stimuli.
Interleukin-32 Expression in the Pancreas
Pancreatic duct cells are the local source of IL-32, andIL-32 may play an important role in inflammatory responses and pancreatic cancer growth.
Epithelial overexpression of interleukin‐32α in inflammatory bowel disease
Epithelial IL‐32α expression was increased in IBD patients, and in CD patients in particular, and might be involved in the pathophysiology of IBD as a proinflammatory cytokine and a mediator of innate immune response.
The role of IL-32 in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.
The results suggest that IL-32 has a role in the formation and maintenance of CTCL lesions, providing a possible therapeutic target for patients with this disease.