Interleukin 2 induction of pore-forming protein gene expression in human peripheral blood CD8+ T cells

  title={Interleukin 2 induction of pore-forming protein gene expression in human peripheral blood CD8+ T cells},
  author={Mark J Smyth and John R. Ortaldo and Yoichi Shinkai and H. Yagita and Masanori Nakata and Ko Okumura and Howard A Young},
  journal={The Journal of Experimental Medicine},
  pages={1269 - 1281}
Our studies have analyzed pore-forming protein (PFP) mRNA expression in resting and stimulated human peripheral blood CD3- large granular lymphocytes (LGL), CD3+ T cells, and their CD4+ or CD8+ subsets. Signals that stimulate T cells to develop cytotoxic activity (i.e., IL-2 or OKT-3 mAb) led to the induction of PFP mRNA in T cells. The data indicated that IL-2 directly increased PFP mRNA in the CD8+ subset of T cells, in the absence of new DNA or protein synthesis. Abrogation of IL-2-induced… CONTINUE READING
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