Interleaved-MIMO DAS for Indoor Radio Coverage: Concept and Performance Assessment

  title={Interleaved-MIMO DAS for Indoor Radio Coverage: Concept and Performance Assessment},
  author={Enrico Maria Vitucci and Luigi Tarlazzi and Franco Fuschini and Pier Faccin and Vittorio Degli-Esposti},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation},
Distributed antenna systems (DAS) represent a suitable method for extending multiple-operator radio coverage into indoor premises, tunnels, etc. With the advent of 4G (and beyond) mobile communications systems and of multiple input-multiple output (MIMO) transmission techniques, a common problem for wireless operators is how to upgrade existing DAS systems to the MIMO technology in a cost-effective way. In this paper novel indoor solutions based on the combination of DAS and MIMO transmission… CONTINUE READING


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