Interlaboratory evaluation of genomic signatures for predicting carcinogenicity in the rat.

  title={Interlaboratory evaluation of genomic signatures for predicting carcinogenicity in the rat.},
  author={M. R. Fielden and A. Nie and M. McMillian and Chandi S Elangbam and Bruce A Trela and Yi Yang and Robert T. Dunn and Yvonne Dragan and Ronny Fransson-Stehen and Matthew S. Bogdanffy and Stephen P. Adams and William R Foster and S Chen and Phil Rossi and Peter Kasper and David Jacobson-Kram and Kay Tatsuoka and Patrick J Wier and Jeremy Gollub and Donald N Halbert and Alan H Roter and Jamie K Young and Joseph F. Sina and Jennifer L Marlowe and H J Martus and Jiri Aubrecht and Andrew J. Olaharski and Nigel Roome and Paul Nioi and Ingrid Durley Torres Pardo and Ron Snyder and Richard W Perry and Peter E Lord and William B Mattes and Bruce D. Car},
  journal={Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology},
  volume={103 1},
The Critical Path Institute recently established the Predictive Safety Testing Consortium, a collaboration between several companies and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, aimed at evaluating and qualifying biomarkers for a variety of toxicological endpoints. The Carcinogenicity Working Group of the Predictive Safety Testing Consortium has concentrated on sharing data to test the predictivity of two published hepatic gene expression signatures, including the signature by Fielden et al… CONTINUE READING

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