Interictal cerebral metabolism and epilepsy in cavernous angiomas.

  title={Interictal cerebral metabolism and epilepsy in cavernous angiomas.},
  author={Philippe Ryvlin and François Maugui{\`e}re and Marc P. Sindou and J. C. Froment and L. E. Cinotti},
  journal={Brain : a journal of neurology},
  volume={118 ( Pt 3)},
We studied glucose metabolism in brain tissue surrounding cavernous angioma in 22 patients, using PET, and evaluated its relation to the size, site and epileptogenic nature of the vascular malformation, as well as to the post-surgical seizure outcome. Preoperatively, 18 patients suffered recurrent seizures, the origin of which could be clearly related to the vascular malformation in 14. Brain metabolism surrounding cavernous angiomas was normal in 18 patients (82%), and significantly decreased… CONTINUE READING
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