Interhemispheric synchrony in the EEGs of full-term newborns.

  title={Interhemispheric synchrony in the EEGs of full-term newborns.},
  author={Jerald L. Varner and James F. Peters and Robert J. Ellingson},
  journal={Electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology},
  volume={45 5},
Cross correlations between 4 homologous pairs of ear-reference derivations were calculated for 45-sec digitized samples of typical active and quiet sleep in 19 selected normal newborns at 21--70 h after term birth. Repeat recordings were obtained in 9 subjects 24 h after the original recordings and another set of cross correlations was calculated. For comparison, similar recordings were obtained from 4 asymptomatic young adults and cross correlations were calculated for 45-sec samples of… CONTINUE READING