Interhemispheric interaction during the menstrual cycle.

  title={Interhemispheric interaction during the menstrual cycle.},
  author={Ulrike Bayer and Nina Kessler and Onur G{\"u}nt{\"u}rk{\"u}n and Markus Hausmann},
  volume={46 9},
Fluctuating levels of sex hormones and high levels of progesterone (P), in particular, have been suggested to reduce interhemispheric inhibition. The present study focuses on hormone-dependent modulation of interhemispheric integration. In two versions of the Banich-Belger task, participants were asked to match letters according to their physical (e.g., A vs. A) and semantic identity (e.g., A vs. a). Matches were presented either within or across visual half-fields. Moreover, a simple reaction… CONTINUE READING
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