Interhemispheric functional desynchronization in the human vibratory system.

  title={Interhemispheric functional desynchronization in the human vibratory system.},
  author={Yoshinobu Goto and Takayuki Taniwaki and Ken-ichiro Yamashita and Naoko Kinukawa and Shozo Tobimatsu},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={980 2},
We examined the differences in interhemispheric functional correlation in the somatosensory system using coherence (Coh) analysis. Ten healthy adult volunteers served as subjects for this experiment. Vibratory stimulation (modulation frequency, 21 Hz) was given to each palm to record vibratory steady-state somatosensory evoked potentials (S-SEPs). S-SEPs were recorded from four electrodes placed at 2 cm posterior and anterior to C3 and C4, referred to an electrode at Fpz, respectively. For… CONTINUE READING

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