Interhemispheric EEG coherence before and after partial callosotomy.

  title={Interhemispheric EEG coherence before and after partial callosotomy.},
  author={Jacques Y. Montplaisir and Tore Nielsen and Johanne C{\^o}t{\'e} and Dominique Boivin and Isabelle Rouleau and G Lapierre},
  journal={Clinical EEG},
  volume={21 1},
Measures of interhemispheric EEG coherence during REM and NREM sleep reflect the functional connectivity of the right and left hemispheres mediated by the corpus callosum. Surface recordings of interhemispheric coherence in two patients reflected fairly accurately the degree of anatomical section produced by partial callosotomy. With further development, EEG coherence may prove useful as a noninvasive method for assessing interhemispheric integration under different physiological and… CONTINUE READING

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