Intergrowths of Feldspars with Other Minerals

  title={Intergrowths of Feldspars with Other Minerals},
  author={JOSEPH V. Smith and W. Brown},
A brief summary of the detailed historical treatment in 2, 553–647 is augmented here by a review of the post-1973 literature. Feldspar is intergrown with quartz in (1) myrmekite, a symplectite (Greek, plait together) of quartz and sodic plagioclase occurring mainly at grain boundaries (Sec. 20.1.1); (2) granophyric intergrowth of quartz and alkali feldspar typically occurring as a mesostasis (Sec. 20.1.2.); (3)graphic granite, a coarse intergrowth of quartz and K-feldspar perthite or sodic… Expand
Crystallographic evidence for simultaneous growth in graphic granite
abstract Article history:Received 16 August 2013Received in revised form 9 January 2014Accepted 10 January 2014Available online xxxxHandling Editor: J.G. MeertKeywords:Graphic graniteSimultaneousExpand
Structure , age and formation of dykes on the island of Smøla , Central Norway
On the island of Smøla, five different dyke phases are represented in an Ordovician, mature ensialic are complex. With decreasing relative age these are: granitic dykes and net-veins, compositeExpand
Oriented inclusions of pyroxene, amphibole and rutile in garnet from the Lüliangshan garnet peridotite massif, North Qaidam UHPM belt, NW China: an electron backscatter diffraction study
Oriented inclusions of clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene, sodic amphibole and rutile have been identified in garnet from the L€ uliangshan garnet peridotite massif in the North Qaidam ultrahigh-pressureExpand
Diverse late-stage (≤ 62.5 Ma) Deccan volcanism and plutonism in the Thane–Vasai region, Panvel flexure zone, western Indian rifted margin
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The Cuitzeo granitic xenolith: evidence of an Early Miocene magma plumbing system in central Mexico
RMCG | v. 38 | núm. 1 | | DOI: Hernández-Bernal, M.S., Corona-Chávez, P., Trujillo-Hernández, N., Macías-Romo, C.,Expand


Compositions of Granophyre, Myrmekite, and Graphic Granite
Intergrowths of quartz and feldspar form three distinct types that differ in bulk composition as well as texture, occurrence, and genesis. Granophyric intergrowths involve quartz and alkali feldspar,Expand
Graphic intergrowths of feldspars and quartz in some Czechoslovak pegmatites
Graphic intergrowths of alkali feldspar+quartz, and plagioclase+quartz, occur together in pegmatites in the eastern part of the Czechoslovak Moldanubicum. They form zones between the finer-grainedExpand
Exsolution During Metamorphism with Particular Reference to Feldspar Solid Solutions
In the aureole of the syn-orogenic Hasvik Gabbro a variety of exsolution phenomena developed during the contact metamorphism. These exsolution phenomena have similar textures to those produced duringExpand
The Physical Chemistry of the Crystallization and Magmatic Differentiation of Igneous Rocks
  • J. Vogt
  • Geology
  • The Journal of Geology
  • 1921
In the rocks here mentioned, where the quantity of quartz does not surpass 5 per cent or occasionally-especially in some quartzdiorites'-somewhat more, the quartz, as is well known, appears asExpand
Three pegmatites in the vicinity of Keystone, South Dakota, of simple mineralogy and without concentric zoning have been studied in detail. They occur within Precambrian quartz-mica schist and areExpand
Petrology of Pre-Cambrian Granites in the Northern Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming
The pre-Cambrian rocks of the northern Bighorn Mountains comprise two series: an older one of variable gneisses, amphibolites, and schists, and a younger group of granitic rocks. The granitic rocksExpand
The Origin of Myrmekitic Intergrowths and a Comparison with Rod-Eutectics in Metals
A review is given of the metallurgical literature relating to the formation of metal rodeutectics, which are texturally similar to myrmekite. Since no satisfactory explanation for rodeutectics hasExpand
Granitization, albitization, and related phenomena in the Northern Inyo Range of California-Nevada
INTRODUCTION Petrographic examination of a body of intrusive igneous rocks in the White Mountain, or northern Inyo, Range of California and Nevada shows that certain facies have undergone extensiveExpand
The sequence of geochemical changes leading to granitization
  • D. L. Reynolds
  • Geology
  • Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London
  • 1946
Summary The available chemical analyses relating to the reaction effects of granitic "magma" on various types of country rocks have been collected together in order to determine whether there is anyExpand
II.—Observations on some Basic Dykes and their Bearing on certain Problems of Rock Genesis
It is a common feature of the dolerite dykes in Rhodesia, especially where they penetrate the great granite masses of the country, that they show, even in hand-specimens, the presence of quartz.Expand