Intergroup bias: status, differentiation, and a common in-group identity.

  title={Intergroup bias: status, differentiation, and a common in-group identity.},
  author={John F. Dovidio and Samuel L. Gaertner and A Validzic},
  journal={Journal of personality and social psychology},
  volume={75 1},
The present research examined factors that moderate and mediate the reduction of intergroup bias. Two 3-person laboratory groups, which had first worked separately on a task, were informed prior to intergroup contact that (a) the groups were equal or unequal in status based on their task performance, and (b) they had been working on the same or on different task dimensions. Consistent with M. Hewstone and R. J. Brown's (1986) mutual intergroup differentiation model, bias was eliminated when the… CONTINUE READING