Intergeneric Hybrid Baboons

  title={Intergeneric Hybrid Baboons},
  author={C. Jolly and T. Woolley-Barker and S. Beyene and T. Disotell and J. Phillips-Conroy},
  journal={International Journal of Primatology},
  • C. Jolly, T. Woolley-Barker, +2 authors J. Phillips-Conroy
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • International Journal of Primatology
  • Though belonging to genera that have been distinct for several million years, gelada and common baboons—Theropithecus gelada and Papio hamadryas sensu lato, respectively—interbreed occasionally, even in the wild. [...] Key Result The F1hybrids were large but developmentally normal. In skull and tooth form, and to a lesser extent in postcranial proportions, they were intermediate between the parental forms but lacked most of their parents' derived, (sub)species-specific epigamic characters. A female infant born…Expand Abstract
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