Interferon therapy prolonged life expectancy among chronic hepatitis C patients.

  title={Interferon therapy prolonged life expectancy among chronic hepatitis C patients.},
  author={Haruhiko Yoshida and Yasuyuki Arakawa and Michio Sata and Shuhei Nishiguchi and Michitami Yano and Shigetoshi Fujiyama and Gotarou Yamada and Osamu Yokosuka and Yasushi Shiratori and Masao Omata},
  volume={123 2},
BACKGROUND & AIMS The effects of interferon therapy in chronic hepatitis C patients on survival are unclear. Our objective was to analyze survival among a large cohort of chronic hepatitis C patients. METHODS We used a retrospective cohort study design in the setting of 7 university hospitals and 1 regional core hospital in Japan. Our study included 2889 patients with histological-proven chronic hepatitis C: 2430 patients received interferon therapy, and 459 patients were untreated. For… CONTINUE READING
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