Interferon therapy for orbital infiltration secondary to Erdheim-Chester disease.

  title={Interferon therapy for orbital infiltration secondary to Erdheim-Chester disease.},
  author={B Esmaeli and Akbar Pourreza Soltan Ahmadi and Rosa Ana Tang and Jade Schiffman and Razelle Kurzrock},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={132 6},
PURPOSE To describe a 55-year-old male with Erdheim-Chester disease with bilateral orbital infiltration and visual loss who was successfully treated with interferon-alpha. METHODS Interventional case report. RESULTS The patient was treated with interferon-alpha and had an improvement in his clinical signs, including his visual acuity, after 4 weeks of interferon therapy. CONCLUSION Interferon-alpha can be effective in the treatment of orbital infiltration secondary to Erdheim-Chester… CONTINUE READING

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