Interferon alpha (IFNα)-induced TRIM22 interrupts HCV replication by ubiquitinating NS5A

  title={Interferon alpha (IFNα)-induced TRIM22 interrupts HCV replication by ubiquitinating NS5A},
  author={Chen Yang and Xinhao Zhao and Dakang Sun and Leilei Yang and Chang Chong and Yu Pan and Xiumei Chi and Yanhang Gao and Moli Wang and Xiaodong Shi and Haibo Sun and Juan Lv and Yuanda Gao and Jin Zhong and Junqi Niu and Bing Sun},
  journal={Cellular and Molecular Immunology},
TRIM22, a tripartite-motif (TRIM) protein, is upregulated upon interferon alpha (IFNα) administration to hepatitis C virus (HCV)-infected patients. However, the physiological role of TRIM22 upregulation remains unclear. Here, we describe a potential antiviral function of TRIM22's targeting of the HCV NS5A protein. NS5A is important for HCV replication and for resistance to IFNα therapy. During the first 24 h following the initiation of IFNα treatment, upregulation of TRIM22 in the peripheral… CONTINUE READING
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