Interferon (IFN) for malignant melanoma unmasking an autoimmune hepatitis.

  title={Interferon (IFN) for malignant melanoma unmasking an autoimmune hepatitis.},
  author={Pia Lebiedz and Christian Stefansen August and Wolfram Domschke and Hartmut H-J Schmidt},
  journal={European journal of internal medicine},
  volume={20 1},
Autoimmune hepatitis is a disease of unknown etiology which, if left untreated, leads to progressive destruction and, eventually, liver cirrhosis and liver failure. Eighty percent of patients with autoimmune hepatitis are female. Autoimmune hepatitis may be associated with other autoimmune diseases, such as autoimmune thyroiditis, vasculitis, or rheumatoid arthritis. Typical changes in laboratory values are the elevation of total serum protein and gamma-globulin. In addition, different kinds of… CONTINUE READING
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