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Interferometric imaging of Intensely Radiating Negative Leaders

  title={Interferometric imaging of Intensely Radiating Negative Leaders},
  author={Olaf Scholten and Brian Hare and Joseph R. Dwyer and Ningyu Liu and Christopher Sterpka and Ivana Kolmasov and Ondřej Santol{\'i}k and Radek L{\'a}n and Luděk Uhl{\'i}ř and Stijn Buitink and T. Huege and Anna Nelles and Sander ter Veen},
The common phenomenon of lightning still harbors many secrets and only recently a new propagation mode was observed for negative leaders. While propagating in this `Intensely Radiating Negative Leader' (IRNL) mode a negative leader emits 100 times more very-high frequency (VHF) and broadband radiation than a more normal negative leader. We have reported that this mode occurs soon after initiation of all lightning flashes we have mapped as well as sometimes long thereafter. Because of the… 

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Classical Electrodynamics
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