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Interferometric Constraints on Spacelike Coherent Rotational Fluctuations

  title={Interferometric Constraints on Spacelike Coherent Rotational Fluctuations},
  author={Jonathan W. Richardson and Ohkyung Kwon and H. Gustafson and C. Hogan and B. Kamai and L. McCuller and S. Meyer and C. Stoughton and R. Tomlin and R. Weiss},
  journal={arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology},
Precision measurements are reported of the cross-spectrum of rotationally-induced differential position displacements in a pair of colocated 39 m long, high power Michelson interferometers. One arm of each interferometer is bent $90^{\circ}$ near its midpoint to obtain sensitivity to rotations about an axis normal to the plane of the instrument. The instrument achieves quantum-limited sensing of spatially-correlated signals in a broad frequency band extending beyond the 3.9 MHz inverse light… Expand

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