Interferences between breathing, experimental dyspnoea and bodily self-consciousness

  title={Interferences between breathing, experimental dyspnoea and bodily self-consciousness},
  author={Etienne Allard and Elisa Canzoneri and Dan Adler and Capucine Mor{\'e}lot-Panzini and Javier Bello-Ruiz and Bruno Herbelin and Olaf Blanke and Thomas Similowski},
  booktitle={Scientific Reports},
Dyspnoea, a subjective experience of breathing discomfort, is a most distressing symptom. It implicates complex cortical networks that partially overlap with those underlying bodily self-consciousness, the experience that the body is one’s own within a given location (self-identification and self-location, respectively). Breathing as an interoceptive signal… CONTINUE READING