Interference of glycosylated human hemoglobin with endothelium-dependent responses.

  title={Interference of glycosylated human hemoglobin with endothelium-dependent responses.},
  author={Leocadio Rodr{\'i}guez-Ma{\~n}as and Salvador Arribas and Cathy Giron and J. Villamor and Carlos F{\'e}lix S{\'a}nchez-Ferrer and Jes{\'u}s Mar{\'i}n},
  volume={88 5 Pt 1},
BACKGROUND Hypertension and other vascular diseases are more prevalent in diabetic patients than in the general population. In humans and in several animal models of diabetes, a disturbance of endothelium-dependent responses has been shown. Oxyhemoglobin is one of the most known modulators of these endothelium-dependent responses. We postulate that high levels of plasmatic glycosylated hemoglobin, a frequent profile in diabetic patients, may be the cause of the disturbance in endothelium… CONTINUE READING


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