Interference in Quantum Mechanics, A Violation of the Law of Conservation of Energy


All measurable phenomena in physics are irreducibly particle like and the wave picture of physical systems only arises when explaining a statistically relevant set of measurements of individual systems as an average. The wave picture arises in the effects of interference which can always be explained in the context of the state description of the interfering system, interference necessitates that the measurement outcomes be calculated by squaring the amplitudes after adding and non-interference is calculated by squaring before adding. Even though the calculation for each is independently valid, the change in the statistics when one modulates between interference and noninterference, as in the quantum eraser, requires a violation of the law of conservation of energy. There is no “driving force” in the change of statistics. It is always a change in preparation that leads to the change of interference statistics, whilst in the calculation there is only a change in the state description. The irreducibly particle like nature of the quanta requires that there be a causal “driving force” in the change in statistics and a mere change in description is an insufficient explanation by the standards of energy conservation. We present the argument that indeed this has already all been proven in the historic 1991 study of the ZWM papers of quantum coherence.

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