Interference-aware routing in multihop wireless networks using directional antennas

  title={Interference-aware routing in multihop wireless networks using directional antennas},
  author={Jian Tang and Guoliang Xue and Christopher Chandler and Weiyi Zhang},
  journal={Proceedings IEEE 24th Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies.},
  pages={751-760 vol. 1}
Recent research has shown that interference can make a significant impact on the performance of multihop wireless networks. Researchers have studied interference-aware topology control recently [M. Burkhart et al., 2004]. In this paper, we study routing problems in a multihop wireless network using directional antennas with dynamic traffic. We present new definitions of link and path interference that are suitable for designing better routing algorithms. We then formulate and optimally solve… CONTINUE READING
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