Interference alignment for MIMO downlink femtocell networks

  title={Interference alignment for MIMO downlink femtocell networks},
  author={Qingzhong Li and Xuemai Gu and Hanqing Li and Min Jia and Wei-dang Lu},
  journal={2013 19th IEEE International Conference on Networks (ICON)},
Interference management in femtocell network is an important issue to achieve the network throughput gain as well as not degrading the throughput of the macrocell tier. In this paper we consider a MIMO femtocell network and propose an interference mitigation strategy using interference alignment (IA) to mitigate the interference at the macrocell users (MUEs) caused by femtocell base stations (FBSs). Since the resource of the macrocell tier is scarcer than the femtocell tier, the transceiver… CONTINUE READING
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