Interference Mitigation Using Conjugate Data Repetition

  title={Interference Mitigation Using Conjugate Data Repetition},
  author={Kiran Kuchi and Vinod Ramaswamy and Dileep Manisseri Kalathil and Padmanabhan Madampu Suryasarman and Baskaran Dhivagar and Deviraj Klutto Milleth Jeniston and Bhaskar Ramamurthi and Krishnamurthy Giridhar},
  journal={2009 IEEE International Conference on Communications},
In the emerging broadband wireless networks such as IEEE 802.16m and LTE-A networks which employ universal frequency reuse-1, the cell coverage is predominantly limited by the co-channel interference. Bit level data repetition, and conventional multi-antenna maximal-ratio-combining (MRC) techniques are typically used to improve the signal-to-interference-plusnoise ratio (SINR) at the receiver. Simple data repetition does not guarantee efficient interference suppression and it reduces spectrum… CONTINUE READING


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