Interfacing GHz-bandwidth heralded single photons with a warm vapour Raman memory

  title={Interfacing GHz-bandwidth heralded single photons with a warm vapour Raman memory},
  author={Patrick Steffen Michelberger and Tessa F. M. Champion and Michael R. Sprague and Krzysztof T. Kaczmarek and Marco Barbieri and X. M. Jin and Duncan England and W. Steven Kolthammer and Dylan J Saunders and Joshua Nunn and Ian A. Walmsley},
  journal={New Journal of Physics},
Broadband quantum memories, used as temporal multiplexers, are a key component in photonic quantum information processing, as they make repeat-until-success strategies scalable. We demonstrate a prototype system, operating on-demand, by interfacing a warm vapour, high time-bandwidth-product Raman memory with a travelling wave spontaneous parametric down-conversion source. We store single photons and observe a clear influence of the input photon statistics on the retrieved light, which we find… 

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