Interface pour l'évaluation de systèmes de recherche sur des documents XML


The evaluation of information retrieval systems is an important topic in information retrieval research. Evaluation must be accurately performed to rightly discriminate between retrieval approaches. To compare retrieval approaches, we require test collections, which consist of documents, queries and relevance assessments, the latter stating which documents are relevant to which queries. Obtaining consistent and exhaustive relevance assessment is crucial for the appropriate comparison of retrieval approaches. Whereas the evaluation methodology for retrieval approaches for flat text is well established, the evaluation of structured document retrieval approaches, such as those based on XML, is a research issue. In fact, new evaluation methodologies need to be developed for this purpose. In this paper, we concentrate on one aspect of the evaluation, that of the development of an interface to allow for the consistent and exhaustive assessment of XML documents. The interface was used at INEX, the evaluation initiative for XML retrieval. MOTS-CLÉS : XML, évaluation, INEX, accès à l’information, recherche d’information

DOI: 10.24348/coria.2004.109

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