Interface effect on ferroelectricity at the nanoscale.

  title={Interface effect on ferroelectricity at the nanoscale.},
  author={Chun-Gang Duan and Renat F. Sabirianov and Wai-Ning Mei and Sitaram S. Jaswal and Evgeny Y. Tsymbal},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={6 3},
Interfaces play a critical role in nanoscale ferroelectricity. We perform a first-principles study of ultrathin KNbO(3) ferroelectric films placed between two metal electrodes, either SrRuO(3) or Pt. We show that bonding at the ferroelectric-metal interfaces imposes severe constraints on the displacement of atoms, destroying the bulk tetragonal soft mode. If the interface bonding is sufficiently strong, the ground-state represents a ferroelectric domain with an interface domain wall, driven by… CONTINUE READING

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Multi-ferroic and magnetoelectric materials and interfaces.

Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences • 2011

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