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Brown Carbon Spheres in East Asian Outflow and Their Optical Properties

Using the electron energy-loss spectrum in the transmission electron microscope, the optical properties of individual, submicrometer amorphous carbon spheres that are ubiquitous in East Asian–Pacific outflow are quantified and suggest that brown carbon aerosols should be explicitly included in radiative forcing models.

Global anthropogenic aerosol direct forcing derived from satellite and ground-based observations

[1] A global estimate of the direct effects of anthropogenic aerosols on solar radiation in cloudy skies is obtained by integrating satellite and ground-based observations with models of aerosol

Light-emitting diodes

Light-Emitting Diodes.(Monographs in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.) By A. A. Bergh and P. J. Dean. Pp. viii+591. (Clarendon: Oxford; Oxford University: London, 1976.) £22.

Experimental verification of optical wireless communication link using high-brightness illumination light-emitting diodes

The feasibility of optical wireless communication links using high-brightness illumination light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is experimentally verified. We measure the modulation bandwidths of red-,

How much can the vertical distribution of black carbon affect its global direct radiative forcing?

Black carbon (BC) has an increased forcing per unit mass when it is located above reflective clouds. To explore sensitivity of forcing to aerosol vertical location, we used a column radiative


Abstract The system of objective weather map analysis used at the Joint Numerical Weather Prediction Unit is described. It is an integral part of the automatic data processing system, and is designed

Corrigendum to "Chemical apportionment of southern African aerosol mass and optical depth" published in Atmos. Chem. Phys., 9, 7643–7655, 2009

Abstract. A correction to results by Magi (2009) is presented here. By combining the in situ measurements of speciated aerosol mass concentrations with concurrent measurements of total aerosol

Optical Wireless Communications: IR for Wireless Connectivity

A comprehensive guide to the design and implementation of Optical Wireless Channel Design, Modulation and Multiple Access Techniques, and other topics related to Infrared Communication Systems.

Optical Properties of Aerosols and Clouds: The Software Package OPAC

The software package OPAC (Optical Properties of Aerosols and Clouds) is described. It easily provides optical properties in the solar and terrestrial spectral range of atmospheric particulate