Interdisciplinary Teaching and Sustainability: An Introduction

  title={Interdisciplinary Teaching and Sustainability: An Introduction},
  author={Ellen Pletcher Metzger and David E. Blockstein and Caitlin N. Callahan},
  journal={Journal of Geoscience Education},
  pages={81 - 85}
The concept of sustainability is a theme that is both old and new. It is old from the perspective of Native Americans whose "seven generations" thinking considers simultaneously ancestors and future generations (Wildcat, 2009). It is new in its emergence as a buzzword across society to describe practices that minimize environmental impacts, advance economic progress, and foster health and the wellbeing of all across generations (Edwards, 2005). While sustainability cannot be condensed easily… 
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Our common future.
  • J. Last
  • Medicine
    Canadian journal of public health = Revue canadienne de sante publique
  • 1987
The report sought to recapture the spirit of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment the Stockholm Conference which had introduced environmental concerns to the formal political development sphere.
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