Interdependence of the rad50 hook and globular domain functions.

  title={Interdependence of the rad50 hook and globular domain functions.},
  author={Marcel Hohl and Tomasz Kochańczyk and Cristina Tous and Andr{\'e}s Aguilera and Artur Krężel and John H Petrini},
  journal={Molecular cell},
  volume={57 3},
Rad50 contains a conserved Zn(2+) coordination domain (the Rad50 hook) that functions as a homodimerization interface. Hook ablation phenocopies Rad50 deficiency in all respects. Here, we focused on rad50 mutations flanking the Zn(2+)-coordinating hook cysteines. These mutants impaired hook-mediated dimerization, but recombination between sister chromatids was largely unaffected. This may reflect that cohesin-mediated sister chromatid interactions are sufficient for double-strand break repair… CONTINUE READING
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